Sunday, January 22, 2012

Introducing Custom Sports Photo By Ron Palmer Photography

Ron Palmer Photography introduces Sports Photography with a personal touch.  Looking around we found the Sports photography industry was lacking something.  So we set out to indentify what was missing and we noticed that Sports Photography had become "corporate".  Okay, I know what your thinking what does that mean.  It means that almost all Sports team and inidvidual photos were similar in style and there was very little individuality in the style of the pictures.

So we set to find a way to improve on that, first finding a way to be different, we accomplished that and will show you some results.  next was make it so it was accessible.  Well, that involves a little bit of work and we are in the process of contacting a number of sports associations and leagues and clubs to put it out there.

So what, another Photographer who takes team photos, dime a dozen. Question for you all, does it sound interesting if say your team shot was individualized, or we can provide multi shot wide format custom prints.

Let me introduce you to our new division:

Custom Sports Photo provides not only a way to capture those sports moments but also a way for sports leagues, clubs and associations to benefit from the service.  We donate 10% of all purchases before taxes to the league. 

We wanted to let our readers know first and give them the inside edge.  But there is a lot more to the service, we will be printing on specialized paper, we have multiple packages for every price range.  In the end, we intend to make Custom Sports Photo, the choice of Sports leagues, clubs and associations because the product exceeds expectation and quality.

Want to see an example:

I know nothing special there right same as everybody else.  Well, that really isn't that special! what is special is that the one image in the stadium was taken in a park. The sample here is Called Sports Double in our packages, but then we move on to what we call Level 2 - Level 2 are photos with "ATTITUDE". The example below is the Triple Play - 1 Print -3 images.

Below the Triple Play is the all new Personal Panoramic Team shot, with a twist.  Each member will receive their own personal team picture, the difference is where they are in the picture that they recieve.
Triple Play Sports Image

Personal Panoramic Team Picture (also known as the PPT)
So as you can see, products are developing quickly but these are not the only difference, the biggest difference is how we do the photo shoots and the amount of time required to complete the actual shoot.

Keep an eye here to see what else is on the way and where we are going to be next.  For further information on Custom Sports Photo by Ron palmer photography you can contact us through Facebook.  We are looking forward to offering this product line to your league soon.

Until next time .......

Ron Palmer

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